Wella Boost Bounds Mousse & Wella Polished Waves Curl Cream Review

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I am just going to start this post by saying, that when it comes to hair styling products I am super picky! That’s why I haven’t reviewed many on the blog before, as I have tried so many and many have left me extremely disappointed! Luckily I’ve found a couple that I absolutely love, so I thought I would share them with you today. Firstly let me tell you about my hair. I have quite fine hair (although I do have a lot of it!). It’s naturally quite straight and it responds fairly well to curling and styling. My biggest hair concern is that since my hair is fine it can often look quite flat, especially at the roots. In saying that, if I use too much product on it, it can sometimes end up looking flatter due to the heaviness of the product. For this reason, I quite often avoid using mousses, and any other products that are used in the roots of the hair.

Wella Professional Products

Recently I’ve been trying out the Boost Bounds Curl Enhancing Mousse by Wella Professional. This is the lightest and loveliest mousse I have ever tried, as it doesn’t weigh my hair down in the slightest! It gives incredible lift and volume to the roots of my hair, and doesn’t leave my hair looking crunchy. One of the biggest problems I have with mousse, is that my hair may look lovely for 12 or so hours and after that it will often look heavy and greasy. I haven’t had this problem with this mousse at all, and it’s really encouraged me to use it more often. I use about a palmful and work that into the roots of my hair, before blow drying with my hair flipped forward. This also helps to encourage volume at the roots.

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Konjac Sponges – The Review!

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Konjac Sponges are taking the beauty world by storm right now! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then it’s likely that you have been hearing a lot about these lately. They are named after the Konjac Plant, from which the sponge fibers are sourced. This plant has been famed for its medicinal and healing properties for hundreds of years, and has been used by the Japanese as a beauty treatment for at least a century. Since Konjac Sponges are completely natural, so you don’t need to worry about getting chemicals or nasties on your skin.  They are also reusable and are much better for the environment than your typical makeup wipes, or microbead exfoliants.

Using the sponge offers a natural and gentle exfoliation, which helps to leave your skin looking polished and glowing. The natural fibers in the sponge reach deep into your pores to help drag out any impurities, and to ensure your skin is as good under the surface as it looks on top.  There are twelve different Konjac sponges available, and each contains a specific extract that is beneficial for your skin. Some extracts are best used on acne prone skin, while others help to prevent aging or encourage elasticity. Click here for a full list of which sponge might be best for you!

Konjac Sponges
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Sleek i-Divine “Arabian Nights” Eyeshadow Palette

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Firstly, I just want to say that The Lilly Mint Blog is finally on Facebook! Make sure you stop by and give it a like, as it’s an easy way to keep up to date with recent posts. Thank you so much to everyone who has done so already! Now, without further ado… let’s talk about makeup!

When I first saw the promotional pictures for Sleek’s “Arabian Nights – Smoke & Shadows” palette, I knew I needed it in my life. The rich jewel tones looked so exotic and absolutely stunning. I will admit that I usually opt for ‘safe’ eyeshadow palettes. You know the type… a range of brown tones, that while being absolutely practical, aren’t really that unique. This palette on the other hand, is totally unique.. and I absolutely love it.

Sleek Arabian Nights Palette 2

I was so grateful when Makeup.co.nz kindly offered to send me a palette as soon as it was available in New Zealand. Basically from the moment I opened it I was in love, and it is actually more beautiful in person, than in any images that I’ve seen. I already own a couple of the Sleek palettes and they never fail in terms of quality and price.  This palette is limited edition, so it comes in an exotic printed box. The palette itself is the same as your standard Sleek palettes, with the exception of the palettes name in the corner. As always, the palette comes with a lovely large mirror and a double ended sponge-tip applicator.

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The Body Shop Lychee Lip Gloss

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I’ll be honest, up until a couple of months ago I had never owned any makeup from The Body Shop. While I always have, and always will, love many of their face and body products I hadn’t really stepped into the wonderful world of The Body Shop Makeup. It wasn’t until I was given a free makeup application, which I redeemed on my birthday a couple of months back, that I realized just how great their makeup products are. I personally love what The Body Shop stands for. They are advocates for equal human rights and source many of their products through community fair trade programs. They are also completely against animal testing, and are doing their bit to help protect the planet by minimizing packaging…. All things I love to see from a health and beauty company! Not to mention the packaging is pretty damn cute!

The Body Shop Lychee Lip Gloss

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WIN! A Living Nature Skin Steps Pack!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve reached 500 followers! I am so grateful to every single one of you who reads and follows my blog. When I started it, I never expected that it would end up becoming this big, and it’s all thanks to all my my amazing readers!

To say thank you, I teamed up with Living Nature to create this exciting giveaway. If you read this post, you will know how much I love the Living Nature products, and their skincare has seriously saved my skin. My skin is honestly the best it has been in ages, and it is all down to these amazing  products! When I reviewed them they were called the Skin Essentials Kit, but they have recently re-branded this as the Skin Steps set. All the products I love are still there, and they have been repackaged in this gorgeous, bright floral box…. and I have one to give away to one lucky reader! All you need to do is enter HERE!


Competition open to NZ Residents only. Thanks to Living Nature for supplying me with this amazing prize!

“I Love Candy” – by Warehouse Stationary

When this arrived on my doorstep, I’ll admit I actually squealed like a little girl. I love pretty stationary, and when it’s pink it’s even better. This new “fashionary” (or fashion-stationary) range from Warehouse Stationary is super cute and completely affordable! It’s the I Love Candy range, and it comes in five delicious colours; gumdrop purple, sugar pop blue, candy cane green, rainbow swirl, and cotton candy pink (my personal fave). Complete with sweet stripes and pretty swirls, this collection is sure to impress both young and old, and anyone who wants to add a bit of fun to their stationary collection

With over 75 candy inspired products in the range, there is bound to be something for everyone. The range includes notebooks, pencils, pens, pencil cases, memo boards, pins and magnets. It even offers technology products with designer headphones and speakers that can be used with tablets, laptops, or smartphones!

WS I Love Candy Range 3
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Maybelline Colour Whisper “Strike A Rose” + I’m on the radio!

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Just a quick post today for you today, as I really wanted to share this lippy with you. Life has been so busy lately, and I’m sorry about my lack of activity on Twitter and Instagram! I’m trying to get a bit more organised and back into a routine!

I’m super excited to announce that you can now hear me on the radio! I am a panel member for the feature “Secret Life of Girls”, where I talk about my favorite product each week! Make sure you tune in to The Hits 89.4FM in Dunedin, and you can also listen online. The Secret Life of Girls is on every Tuesday morning at about 8.30am

I know I talked about my recent dislike for Maybelline in a recent post, but I will admit that they do create fantastic lip products; the Colour Whispers in particular. I’ve become slightly addicted to these since I purchased my first one in the shade “Orange Attitude”, and I now have a new shade in my lipstick collection along with lots more on my wish list. The shade I purchased was called “Strike A Rose” (very cute name), and it’s a soft rose pink.

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